Monday, August 31, 2009

What can you get done in 6 hours?

Yesterday started out as usual. I woke up about 10 times after my alarm & finally got out of bed around 10:45 am (yeah – I know I need to get myself back in church – even had a friend from church tell me she was saving me a seat!) I stumbled outside to our extra fridge with the cold caffeinated bev-er-a-ges (imagine Frank Caliendo’s impression of George Bush saying that). As soon as I made it into the carport I heard the door click & I knew immediately what I’d done … I pulled the door closed a bit harder than I meant to! I knew I was LOCKED OUT!!

(Back Door - notice the brick steps? Only Chuck Norris could kick that door from down there!)

I did not have a cell phone to call Scott to come rescue me (as he does so often – he’s the family “rescuer”). I checked our hidey hole for the spare key, knowing there was a spare up on my computer desk that Jessica brought me last weekend (found when cleaning out my car). It was empty. Then I went to the front door to see if I pushed hard enough, if it would “give”, it did not. I checked all the ground level window screens, but even if I could get them off, the windows were latched.

(Front Doors)

I didn’t want to break the glass or kick at the door – not only could I envision the wrath of Scott at the damage he’d most likely have to repair (and the expense), but also the blood and injury I would have to endure just trying to get in the house! So I perched myself in my car – it was not locked.

(My van in the carport. Both Cole & Jessica were at their dads fo the weekend - I was supposed to pick them up at 4pm!)

For six hours I concentrated on the specifics of this grant I am writing for work. I read through the project material and two activity books related to this sewing project/grant opportunity. I planned out the activities for the entire year, got a supply list together, sketched the exhibit for the Chester County BBQ Festival – all while drinking my cold caffeinated bev-er-a-ge in the six hours I was locked out!

I didn’t go to our neighbors (through the woods a little bit away from our place) to call Scott because I was still in my PJs, had no bra on, and had not even brushed my teeth! Lucky there were face wipes still in the car from my recent overnight stay for an Energizing Tennessee workshop!

My nephew, Caleb, came barreling up the driveway at about 5pm. He was close by & rushed over here when Scott told him to come check on me – since no one was answering the house phone or my cell! Caleb had two of his friends in the truck – how embarrassing!!! I’m sure they all got a huge laugh out of the circumstances of me being locked out!

(My nephew! TY Caleb!)

While I was stuck outside, the few loads of laundry I planned to do did not get done. My dishwasher did not unload itself. The cleaning fairies did not sneak in for a visit! I wish they had. I would have asked them to let me in & then they could go on with their work! ;)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Get Monica's Store for 20$

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