Saturday, September 19, 2009

Jack Daniels Bread Pudding & other stuff ...

You are in for a treat! Today I’m gonna share some secrets with you about an award winning dessert … Jack Daniels Bread Pudding. My husband’s, brother-in-law’s, nephew’s, and others’ favorite! Beware though – it’s not low fat, low sugar, or low cholesterol – at least not the way they like it. Another note before I reveal – it takes a long time to make. The original idea of bread pudding was to use stale or day-old bread, in the day before preservatives and commercial processing.

The 1st step is to rip your loaf of bread into bite sized pieces and let that sit out for 1 day. If you’re rushed for time though, you can cover the bread with foil loosely (we want the air to flow – but no germies or bugs to get in) and let it sit out at room temperature for 1 hour or more.

The 2nd step is to add milk (I used 2%, but whole taste better, skim tastes not so great), eggs (I have used Egg Beaters), sugar (sugar substitutes doesn’t taste so great – believe me they know!!), cinnamon & vanilla (I like the whole beans, but will settle for using imitation). Then cover loosely with your foil and let it sit out for another hour. If you’re worried about food safety, remember – you’re gonna cook this.

The 3rd step is to add the bread mixture to a casserole dish (I use a big dish so I double the amount of bread I use – not the other stuff) that is covered with melted butter.

Cook at 375 degrees for 1 hour – approximately. I wish there was “smell-o-internet”, because the smell of the bread pudding baking is HEAVENLY!

When you have 20 minutes left on your baking time, you can be making the sauce; that’s where the Jack Daniels comes in!! So the sauce is simple: Jack, butter (yes, real butter), and sugar. (Sorry Scott, no matter how you measure it, 100ML is not ¼ cup!) Mix those ingredients in a small saucepan over medium heat until melted & bubbly, then turn it on low.

When the bread pudding is ready, drizzle the JD sauce over it slowly (no splashing that way – the buttery sauce is hot & you don’t waste JD!)

I promise you, if you make this & bring it to a dinner, pot-luck, event, etc… Everyone will love you forever & ask you to bring it all the time! (BTW - my 13 yo dd took most of these pix!)

On another note – I have been lucky to be invited to be part of Amy Stoffel’s permanent CT!! I was only guesting for September. Pure luck. I am grateful & excited to be able to show off Amy’s designs – which can be found exclusively at Scrap Orchard! Here are a few of the LOs I made with her kits:

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Reunion Time!

I just found a friend of mine on Face Book from the USAF! She was at my first and second assignments ... and then we lost touch. But she told me about a reunion for people we were stationed with/hung out with. It happened in Branson. I guess I missed it. I wonder what all went on?? Hummmmmm ... I guess what happened in Branson stays in Branson? Good thing for the most part I guess.

(Me, Jen, and Steph at RAF Croughton on New Years Eve - welcoming in 1993!)

But Stephanie told me not to fret because the next reunion is in 2011 in LAS VEGAS!!! Wooo hoooo! THAT is one that I will be going to!! So spread the word - all USAF ppl who were stationed at RAF Upper Heyford are invited to one crazy reunion in 2011!

Hey, it's a year and 3 months away. Plan now. I have time to loose this weight by then. I better warm up my elliptical now!

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