Monday, July 27, 2009

10 things I'm Thankful for!

I'm participating in the Scrappin' Survivor over at Ginger Scraps and I made a LO for the immunity challenge. I scrapped 10 things I can't live without (as of today). When I looked through the gallery, I was reminded of lots of things I left off my list!!! One person put sunglasses on her list - how could I forget those? I've been without my sunglass clip-ons (I have glasses already) since Winter, when they got destroyed in my coat pocket which was thrown in the truck & heavy stuff piled on top of my coat!

One of the things I did not forget on my list is AC!! Thank God for that! Very appropriate for today. I took a little nap after I got back from work & woke up to a 76 degrees F, stuffy house. My 13 yo daughter then informed me that there was something wrong with the water in her bathroom. We have a water pump cooling system so when the water is not working, neither is our AC! :(

Scott diagnosed the problem right away but his feet were hurting badly & he works outside all day long, so he asked me to run to Lowes (3 miles away!!) to buy a new pressure switch for our pump. He even gave me the box from the last one so I would get the correct switch!! This time, I was more than happy to get out & run his errand - I turned up the car AC full blast & was very cool on my way to Lowes!

Monday, July 13, 2009

My Layout Style?

IDK if I have a style per say. I just do what I feel. It really depends on the photos I'm scrapping, then I pick a kit I think would compliment those photos. If I'm documenting memories then I'll include a bit of explanation journaling (who, what, when, why, and where) the date, etc... Because when I'm no longer around, I want people to look back at those pages and read the specifics on the layouts. Not go, "Huh? That's a pretty page, but what's going on?"

However - sometimes I'm in a playful mood & will create a layout just for the sake of creating. Like any design endeavor - I've noticed a trend lately of "More is Less". I think the result is very beautiful & there are so many pictures that really go with that look. IMHO - these layouts leave out crucial details - like the who, what, when, why, and how. Someday people will be admiring the page's beauty, marveling at how young the subject looks, and reminisce to the "good ole days", but they will have questions ...

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