Monday, July 26, 2010

Pampered Chef Ice-Cream Dipper for Sale!

This blog post is WAY overdue! I was reading through past posts and I saw my top 10 list from July 2009! OMG, how quickly things can change in a years’ time!! Even though my life is so different now, some of my top 10 has not changed – and that’s a good thing!
Still on my list of top 10 things I can’t live without are:
1. Home – though I have moved into town now & miss my old house REALLY bad, I still have a roof over my head & more importantly, my own bathroom & closet! :)

2. Family – for those of you who didn’t know, I left Scott back in January. The divorce is pending, but I’m not divorcing his mom, his sisters, or my nieces & nephews! I love them & am so glad they’re still a part of our lives. Of course I still have my kids – I cherish them greatly – most of the time. :P (You know how life can be with teenagers!)

3. Love – I’ll just stick with the love from #2 right now. No need to complicate things …
4. Good Food – not so much into food anymore. I lost quite a bit of weight & food now doesn’t look as appealing and mouth-watering as it used to. I still like good food, but it’s just not on my top 10 list of things I can’t live without.
5. Computer – mine crashed back in March & I thought I was going to die!!! No Photoshop?! No digi-scrapping goodies?! OMG – I went through some serious withdraw!! Since then my brothers have come through & gave me their old CPU to use. It has none of my usual programs on it, but I can still email and get on the internet. I plan to get my old CPU fixed and back up & running in February – I just can’t afford it now & it’s become less & less of a priority. Getting basics like bread, milk, and eggs are more important.
6. Hi-Speed DSL – well I sort of could leave that one on my list. I’m a bit spoiled, but no longer need the super fast speeds, as I have no one playing Xbox 24/7! But I do miss those fast downloads & have quit playing almost all my fun games on Facebook because it’s too damn frustrating with all that lagging!
7. Ice Cream – same as #4. I’d replace this item I-can’t-live-without with my elliptical! Thanks Nick – always have to thank my little bro! :)

8. Pizza – same as #4, I rarely eat it anymore but anything prepared & delivered to me should make my list! :P
9. Air conditioning – uh, ya, still NEED this. No question!!
10. Pampered Chef Ice Cream Scoop – yes, it’s ultra convenient, but I’m not as big an ice-cream eater as I was last year. I have 2 of these scoops – does anyone out there in digi land want my other scoop?!

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