Saturday, March 28, 2009

Scrapbookgraphics Fan

Look! I added a blinkie for Scrapbookgraphics. It's for their Spirit Club contest, I could win 25$ to their store! To add their blinkie to your blog, visit their forum.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Idea for a Business

A few years ago I had to fly to D.C. right around Christmastime. I stayed until Christmas Eve and Scott handled all the gift getting and present wrapping by himself - he did a wonderful job too. I came home to a house all ready for Santa and gifts to be unwrapped the next morning!

That year there was a shop open by the mall that offered gift wrapping (for a fee of course). Scott took the presents there, dropped them off, and returned in a few days to pick up everything. Well, the quality of wrapping was not that great - but I didn't have to do it so I was still glad - until he told me how much he paid!! I forget the exact amount, but I remember it was a couple hundred dollars and I was quite upset!!! Also, after the kids opened up their presents, we realized that we were short a present for our son! I'm sure those of you with multiple children know the pouting & hurt feelings that occur when one child gets more presents than another. After all the stores had opened back up we went to the gift wrapping store to find they were no longer there!

What really ticked me off was the fact that I pitched this very same idea to Scott a few years back - not to rip people off - but to open up a store that just wrapped gifts! I thought about it & had a whole plan mapped out - my business professor at UT Martin would've been proud! I would love to pursue this idea one day, when I get the capitol and find a group of reliable employees. I'd call it something catchy like "Unwrapped". And I promise we won't rip you off!

Visit Bags & Bows to get supplies to wrap your own gifts in fancy ways!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Random Challenge at Sunshine Studio Scraps!

Yippee!! I thought up the Random Challenge over at the SUN. Won't you join in on the fun & games?

This Week’s Random Challenge is a Birthday Challenge! March is my birthday month so I put together this cute LO with Cinzia’s “What’s Your Sign” embellies. Your challenge is to put together a LO about your birthday!!! Maybe focus on a special routine you follow or tell us about a present you got that stands out in your mind. I’m guessing that y’all have many birthdays to choose a memory from – at least one or two! Ha! OR – maybe there are some scrappers out there who are celebrating their 30th birthday again like me!! ;)

Post back to the comments with a link to your LO and don't forget to post your LO in the gallery at Sunshine Studio Scraps!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It Snowed!!

Yes - we got a good amount of snow - finally! And we got it this past weekend (March 1)- and what's more amazing is that it's still here!! If your not from West TN or don't live around here then you may not understand the kids' excitement as schools were closed for 2 whole days! You see, if you don't like the weather around here, just wait a day & it'll change! I thought for sure the snow would be gone by today - but it remains. It is getting very dirty though ...

On a totally different note - my BFF from Philly called me this morning to say that she would not be able to go on her cruise to the Bahamas!!! It seems the flights in Atlanta (where a different friend - not me - was going to fly out of to meet her in Miami) were all canceled!! Ha! That's karma baby!! :D Sorry Melissa!! Ha!

JK of course! But some part of me wishes I could go with her - OK, ALL parts of me!!

So I was looking at the collab kit I get to work with at Sunshine Studio Scraps, and you'll never guess what it's called ... Bahama Mama!!! Isn't that too funny!!!! I just have to make a LO for Melissa and Sharon!

Monday, March 2, 2009

March Maddness at Polka Dot Plum!

Snag a beautiful desktop at the Polka Dot Plum CT blog! Thank you so much Justpattyanne!

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