Monday, August 23, 2010

Buyer's Remorse

Buyer’s Remorse. You ever have that? I slightly remember that feeling – but because of my money situation I can say that’s a feeling I’ve managed to cut out of my life! :) Yay for me, right?

Well, I’ve discovered that you can still have Buyer’s Remorse as it pertains to other areas of your life except it’s called cognitive dissonance. (That’s just a fancy word for Buyer’s Remorse.)

(Like the Cardinals sacrificing a top prospect for a short-term need when they sent rising 3rd baseman Brett Wallace to the Athletics for Matt Holiday.)

According to Wikipedia (and we all know the information on there is 100% true), it can be caused or increased by worrying that other people may later question your decision or claim to know of better alternatives. Hmmm – is there any one in your life that’s really good at giving advice? Just saying … Who isn’t insecure about some of the decisions they make? We all feel cognitive dissonance then. We’re all in the same boat!

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Except I wish that I would learn that lesson before I make the mistake. I seriously wish I had a crystal ball to consult before I make any major decision. That and the Coffee Ground Lady at my beckon call would be nice! ;) It seems to me that past decisions and the result would stick in my mind so I wouldn’t go down that road again … I guess I’m just stubborn – or insane as a friend kindly pointed out to me. I guess he was semi-right – I seem to be making the same choices, expecting different results. But in my defense I am always hoping for a different result, hoping things will be different this time … Hope is a major factor in many of everyone’s’ decisions so prior knowledge and friendly advice often goes out the window! :(

Unfortunately, lapses in judgment allow us to learn a lesson. My advice to you – try on clothes before you leave the store, do some research on major purchases, and don’t be afraid to take chances. Remember, we learn best by doing for ourselves! :)

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  1. Very interesting perspective Ms. Amy....I have always associated buyer's remorse with a purchase...not a decision. You have opened my eyes and my mind...good luck in your future decisions....Hope I'm around to witness some wiser ones!!! LOL


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