Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Toilet Paper Roll or World Peace?

I do know that there are more serious things in the world today to be very concerned over; to stress about; to strive to solve - but I HAD to vent about my toilet paper roll predicament. It’s not that I’m a narcissist – it’s just that the solutions to this problem won’t take a bajillion dollars and the wisest of politicians & negotiators to solve. This one has a simple solution; it’s a real no-brainer!

So this is what I came home to one day after work:

No biggie, you say. Just put the new roll where it belongs. I agree. If the last person would have done that when the old roll ran out I wouldn’t be angry!! But no – for as long as we’ve been married, my husband rarely has done that. I’ve been keeping track of this behavior since this August and he has not once changed the roll of toilet paper! I’ll see variations of the toilet paper roll in a similar position – but never in the right place! This is really not the end of the world, and not the thing to make an argument over, just small behavior that indicates a person who won’t take the time to make things right. What else does this say?

For the record, this is how it’s supposed to look when one roll of toilet paper runs out and a new one is required! No excuses now. There’s a great visual, just in-case you had no idea …

So, like I said, the wisest politicians & negotiators weren’t called in and I didn’t spend a bajillion dollars either. Don’t you wish every problem was this easy to solve? Who wants to bet that the next time the toilet paper roll needs changed I’ll be the one doing it?


  1. OMG! It's the same in my household!
    Maybe it's a genetic thing from birth. You know, like being able to turn your tongue upside down. Some people are born with it, Some aren't. Maybe it's the same with being able to properly reload the toilet paper. (If a man can load a gun, seems to me he outta' be able to load the toilet paper. And let's face it, if he can't load the toilet paper, Should we REALLY allow him to load a gun?!?)

  2. Update: this morning as I was getting ready for work, Scott stormed in & said "I do change the TP roll EVERY time!" To which, I had to smile because I know that's not true & this is so trivial ... (and I was amazed he even read my blog). So his side of the story is that he changes it all the time, whereas I do not ... Also, he was very quick to point out one of my bad habits - very nice of him. I'll have to do better at picking up my stray, long, dark hair in our shower!


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